Wednesday, July 11, 2012


so mine and pattys boyfriend decided that it would be ok to take a picture of his private parts and send it to someone. so the first thing i see when i get up this morning is a text message that he sent out to this person. then he tries to lie and say he didnt do anything like i dont know what his body looks like. i am so mad because we have really taken a while to start trusting him again and now this. its like he thinks we will just be mad for a while and then everything will be ok. so we took his computer and cell phone privelages by putting passwords on them to keep him off of them. he may be 29 years old but you get treated how you act and he is acting like an immature kid. so he is going to be treated like an immature kid. maybe one day he will grow up. i dont know. all i know is seeing my girlfriend upset and depressed and being on the verge of crying all day. its stupid that this is going on. what have we done to deserve this?? and then he is worried about money and blah blah blah. but he holds everything in so when he finally does talk to us he is pissed off and has an attitude from hell. its rediculous. he leaves shit on the couch for the dogs to get ahold of. he doesnt even say hi when he comes home from work. we are pretty much invisible to him anymore. why is he even here if he doesnt want to talk to anyone. or be apart of the relationship? it doesnt make sense to me. i love that we are all together but i want everyone to be apart of things. i want us to talk to each other. i want everyone to be honest and loyal to one another. the only ones being honest and loyal is me and patty. what have me and patty done to deserve the lies and dishonesty. not being loyal to us? what the hell is that. seriously i could smack him across the face but i know it wont do any good.  anyways lovely wednesday huh... not really we slept through most of it because the tension in the living room was horrible. even now there is tension. anyways that was our day.