Wednesday, September 17, 2014

stressers in life

there is always something in life that will stress you out, whether it be for a few minutes a few hours a few days or longer. it never ends. life is nothing but a roller coaster of obstacles. today has been very hard, trying to be there for some, and still take care of my own stuff, taking on things that should be easy to deal with turn into much more, but as much as things may stress us out on a daily basis, at the end of the day we are exhausted, wore out, frustrated, angry, sad , maybe depressed, but tomorrow is a new day and time to start over and hope that its better then the last. when you go to sleep at night you leave a lot from that day behind, the feelings you had through that day being one, its your choice to wake up feeling the same way the next day or choosing to be positive that this new day will be better, and hold you head up and keep pushing forward. there are a lot of things everyone wants in life, one being for things to go the way we feel we need or want them to go, but it doesnt always happen that way. i truely believe the obstacles we each go through in life are here for a reason, they happen to teach us something. and if that something wasnt learned the first time, i believe it will eventually repeat itself until we figure out what the lesson was that we were suppose to learn the first time. i do get frustrated and irritated more easily then i use to, maybe i shouldnt i dont know.. i know that there are lessons for me to learn in life as well, but i do know i have learned a lot of things so far in my 30 years. i am learning how to deal with my emotions and my mental health rather then acting on them the wrong way and hurting myself or people around me, i either walk away for a minute to breath, or i talk and get things out, let people know how i am feeling so i can get the support needed to get through things, there has been many times in my life that i have struggled, but i am still here and i am still pushing forward, everytime something tough happens i think i have gotten a little stronger each time. i hope that one day others with mental health stuff going on like i have and deal with daily will also learn to cope and make it through without making a decision that ends up hurting themselves and the people in their life that care about that person. i also hope that one day those family and friends that have someone in their life that has mental health problems will take the time to learn about what is going on with the people they love so they will better understand how to support and help their loved ones instead of getting frustrated and angry. Life is hard but its not bad... life is what you make it. took me a long long time to learn that if i wake up and say its gonna be a shitty day then that is what it always turns out like... the energy you put into things really does make a difference, being positive helps a lot. being negative does nothing but bring everyone down.. but positive mindset and positive attitude can and will change your mindset on life, not right away but as time goes by the more you are positive the more it will change for the better. so hold your head high and no matter how hard life seems... keep pushing forward with that head held high and a positive attitude!!!!! :D now smile cause someone loves you <3