Thursday, September 11, 2014

what a day!!!

very very emotional hard day today... wishing everyone could get better from depression and temptations to do things that will hurt them.  alot of people tend to get to a point when they feel no one cares about them.. that their life doesnt matter to anyone, but they arent understanding that isnt reality, it is just what i said... a feeling.. a feeling is something you are entitled to have, but it doesnt mean that the feeling you are having is the truth. there is always someone who cares, there are alot of people in reality that care about each and every person, we arent alone in this world, there is always someone to talk to somewhere on the phone in person or even online, we arent alone in how we feel, there is always someone who can relate, and most of the time can help lift you up out of a hole that you may feel your in, problem is there are many people that dont want to make the step to start making things better in their life.. they think that someone else is going to make them feel better or something else will help them cover up what they feel is wrong in their life, happiness in itself starts with yourself, you have to learn to love yourself and be happy with just yourself before you can be happy with someone else too. everyone in this world is important, so if you are reading this, please know that no matter how you feel... you are always important, you can feel how ever you want to feel, but its just a feeling, someone out there loves you and cares about your wellbeing, dont let life get you down, if you fall... pick yourself up, reach out if you need to, but do something to help yourself feel better, dont do anything that will be harmful... 

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